Our Story

Where? is your next destination?

Our destination - Destination DuPont, is wherever we are at the moment and whatever we are experiencing while we are there. Our belief is that a destination isn’t necessarily a place that you strive to get to, but rather it’s living and experiencing the life you want to live. Whatever that means to you is exactly what we hope to inspire you to do. It might be to travel, learn, create or grow. It could be a big dream or a small success. We are hoping that by reading our story you choose to loosen some of the barriers holding you back and that you say “yes” and get out there and discover your next destination.

About Dan DuPont

From small town USA, my mom would tell you I had big dreams and aspirations. Leaving home for the big city, Washington, D.C. to attend The American University, the world exploded before my eyes. An entirely new mindset of open-mindedness and freedom, new experiences, new adventures and so much more. Propelling me into the world, I look back at my life in awe. I have kicked the dirt of over 100 countries and sailed the oceans in-between. Never one to worry about money or think much about expectations, I was always one to live outside the box. In many cases I was told no, you can’t do that or that’s impossible. Neglecting to take that as truth, I persevered and reached my version of success.

About Jaclyn DuPont

Some might say you can find me crushing blacks on the slopes or seeking out Rock Stars for a selfie. Others might tell you I am more than likely in my polka dot hooded onesie watching trashy TV.  Both are correct. A few additional random facts to share… I’ve traveled the world but you still might hear my Midwestern accent surface from time to time. I don’t have tattoos but if I were to get any I would ink the ocean and the mountains. I embrace this location independent lifestyle and work hard from the road. I hesitate around change but I thrive in new experiences and look forward to the journey ahead.
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Dan Says

When chatting about life with others, I am always willing to communicate how much I love my wife and how each and every year I love her a little bit more. We met drifting through the oceans of the world on a morning gangway duty in Grand Cayman. Boy meets girl, dated, broke up, dated, engaged and then married. Oh, and let me just clarify, within cruise ship life, this is exactly how fast things happen.

Traveling around the globe both on and off the cruise ships, granted us exposure to a world of people, culture and amazing experiences such as witnessing the wonders of an African safari to walk amongst the MOI, standing on the Great Wall of China, glacial trekking on thousand year old ice, climbing on the pyramids and watching the pope offer mass at the Vatican.

Unknowingly, we ignored life's societal expectations and instead took the road less traveled. Saying yes to life, it was our willingness to take chances and accept the opportunities before us that provided our life within such sustenance.

Today, we realize it was never about the destination but rather the journey, the memories with friends and family and the experiences that connect us all.

A few milestones

1998 - Dan joins cruise ship as a crew-member 2001 - Jaclyn joins cruise ship as a crew-member 2003 - Boy meets girl 2006 - Girl accepts proposal 2007 - Married 2007 - 25 countries and counting 2008 - 50 countries and counting 2009 - 75 countries and counting 2011 - Over 100 countries and no longer counting 2012 - Moved to land 2015 - Bought a mortgage 2017 - Dan lost job. Now what? 2018 - Bought RV, Jeep and started traveling again

Jaclyn Says

We met on a cruise ship gangway.

And our story began.

A few days before we were married in 2007, someone asked us what one word would describe our future together. I said "exciting" and Dan said "interesting."

Although they were both good words, Dan was spot on. At first I was taken back by his word. It sounded negative to me. Interesting?!

But now after looking back on the past 10 years I can definitely say interesting is an appropriate word. A quick glance at Webster’s Dictionary confirms it, and it is far from negative. Interesting: holding the attention or provoking interest.

Over the past 10 years we have lived an interesting life. We’ve traveled the world and lived where the porthole scenery changed daily. We bought a house. We’ve changed jobs. Lost jobs. And struggled with infertility.

We’ve embraced our journey and continue to discover new experiences and new adventures along the way.